Tuesday, May 1, 2012

B is for Birthday Boy

My four year old was invited to a birthday party this afternoon.  We all had a lovely time.  This is a quick impression of the birthday boy.  Impression, not precise portrait -note that!  Just in case people who know the birthday boy might see this and think "that's not very like him at all - she's not very good at this drawing lark - for all her talk", etc., etc...!  I took a photo of him and his expression was very sweet so I wanted to try and capture that.  I set myself the challenge of completing drawings such as these as fast as possible.  Five minutes ideally, but ten minutes maximum.

Here's the Little Rascals and The Beatles:


Jennyrose said...

Actually, that's a very nice and reflective portrait of the birthday boy- well done. (this is mother number 4 from the same party!), Good stuff! Jenny

Stephnie James said...

Glad you liked it!