Friday, March 30, 2012

Pandas Don't Like Fish Fingers plus Alf Garnett and Orson Welles

This is the last of the Panda drawings for the time being, as I have to focus my energies on painting a guitar for the Dublin Soul Music Festival.  It has to be ready by the18th of April.  Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.... Shame it doesn't automatically guarantee mind blowing results for the finished product.  I'll post pictures when I've done some work on this.

As you can see from my sketch Panda doesn't like his tea much.  

Neither does Alf Garnett, but he's won't let that stop him.  Una Stubbs is Mrs. Hudson in Sherlock nowadays.  Can't imagine her serving up fishfingers and making kissy faces at Benedict Cumberbatch, but you never can tell.  

Finally, there's Orson Welles.  Recording a voice-over for a frozen peas commercial.  Words cannot do this justice.  Listen and enjoy.

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