Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dollie Brasco / Donnie Brasco

My little girl has some wooden dolls.  She was quite little when she got them and when she announced one doll's name it sounded suspiciously like Dollie Brasco.  Maybe we hear what we want to hear.  The name stuck though.  There's a series of dolls with funny names - I'll introduce them all in good time.  
The trailer below is rendered snicker-snort hilarious (to me, at least) by the voiceover at the start.  "When Lefty met Donnie it was MOIDAH"!  At least that's the way it sounds in my head....

1 comment:

Ina said...

oh dear, I love her!
Though I am not sure if I'd trust her to be in the house :o)