Monday, April 2, 2012

Roald Dahl - How to Recognise Witches. Plus Ronald Searle and Quentin Blake

I'm working on a piece for the Soul Music Festival at the moment.  I've just started and I didn't want to post a photo just yet.

So, tonight I went looking for some Roald Dahl and found this gem.  It's a piece from a South Bank Show Special, in which drives some children to an unspecified location, all the while explaining how to spot a witch, before leaving them to the mercies of none other than Sir Ian McKellan (before he was Sir or Gandalf for that matter).

Here's an interview with Ronald Searle.  He was 90 years old when this interview took place. It was his first interview in 35 years.  Roald Dahl might have known about bilberry juice but Ronald preferred champagne; every day and lots of it.

Then there's an interview with Quentin Blake.  He discusses the nature of illustration as he sees it.  He illustrated most of Roald Dahl's books and Ronald Searle was his hero.  In fact, when Quentin Blake was still an art student he interviewed Ronald Searle (wonder if that had anything to do with the 35 year break that followed....)

None of these men were spring chickens at the time of filming, but they all seem happy and vital.  Maybe that's how it works when you love what you do.

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